THERE’S A ‘KID’ ON THE WAY brought you the news exclusively yesterday - and now it's been made official...

Radiohead have officially confirmed the full tracklisting for their new album, after it was exclusively revealed by yesterday.

As previously reported, the album will be called ‘Kid A’, and will be released on October 2 through EMI.

The final running order for the album has been confirmed as: ‘Everything In Its Right Place’ ‘Kid A’ ‘The National Anthem’ ‘How To Disappear Completely’ ‘Treefingers’ ‘Optimistic’ ‘In Limbo’ ‘Idioteque’ ‘Morning Bell’ ‘Motion Picture Soundtrack’


Only two tracks, ‘Treefingers’ and ‘Idioteque’, have not been played live on the band’s recent European tour, which made its only UK stop last Saturday (July 1) at the London Royal Festival Hall.

Speaking exclusively to at that show, bassist Colin Greenwood warned that some of the tracks on ‘Kid A’ do not resemble their live counterparts. He said: “It was interesting talking to Nigel (Godrich), the producer…it’s quite different to the record, and I think that’s great.

“The way it works is you record an album and you have to do the record live. You have to enjoy playing as a group of people on stage and appreciate it to carry on, otherwise all you are doing is a live version of the record every night and that is fucking dull for the audience as well as the band.”

Greenwood also revealed that the other Radiohead tracks which were rumoured to be included on the album, including ‘Knives Out’, the live favourite ‘Egyptian Song’ and the band’s most political statement yet – ‘Dollars And Cents’, will now feature on a series of other, new releases. He continued: “We want to find a way of releasing the other songs we’ve recorded, not just on EPs, and put it together as another piece of work…we’ve got lots of other songs that we want to release sooner rather than later.”

The release of ‘Kid A’ comes on the final day of the band’s previously announced UK tour, which calls at Newport Tredgar House (September 1-2), London Hackney Victoria Park (23-25), Glasgow Green (28-29) and Warrington Victoria Park (October 1-3) was the first website in the world to bring you reports live from the Royal Festival Hall in London. Check back here to see exactly what they played, what they said and what the faithful made of it all. We were also at the aftershow party, getting all the gossip from awestruck celebs such as Robbie Williams, Beth Orton and Neil Hannon.

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