Thom Yorke and his band also LARK AROUND around during unannounced webcast on their own site!...

Radiohead played new material in a four hour webcast from their official website [url=] last night.

The band played a new song tentatively titled ‘There There’, which is tipped for inclusion on the band’s new album.

Band memers Thom Yorke, guitarist Jonny Greenwood and drummer Phil Selway were seen playing a jam session and the webcast also featured the band sitting around a fire, dancing, showing drawings and Jonny Greenwood playing some of his own techno music.

You can see screen captures from the webcast in the news section of the [url=]followmearound site now.

The band, who are in the middle of making their new album, the follow-up to 1998’s ‘OK Computer‘, are now taking a week’s break before returning to the studio.