86,000 units and counting for Kid A halfway into its first week of release...

Radiohead‘s new album ‘KID A’ looks set to go straight to Number One after selling 86,000 copies already this week, including around 55,000 copies on the first day of its release.

‘Kid A’ was released last Monday (October 2) and, according to a source close to the band, sold more copies on that day than the rest of the Top Ten albums put together.

Speaking to nme.com, a spokesperson for HMV in London said the album was selling “exceptionally well” and would definitely go to Number One in the UK album chart this coming Sunday (October 8).

He said: “Between Monday and Wednesday it sold 86,000, and at this rate we expect it to shift 200,000 by Sunday. It’s not the biggest selling album of the year, but it is close. It’s hard to see it slowing down.”

Even though the band are refusing to release any singles from ‘Kid A’, the spokesperson added that, in the short term, that may not be a disadvantage. He continued: “Everyone is talking about their lack of marketing – which is doing their job for them!”

In other Radiohead news, the US website www.cdnow.com reports that the band are rumoured to be playing a last minute show at New York Madison Square Garden next Tuesday or Wednesday (October 10-11), although nothing has been officially confirmed.