Is he suffering from road fatigue? has he gone mad? We'll soon find out....

As Radiohead prepare for tomorrow night’s (July 1) long awaited UK comeback show, lead singer THOM YORKE has posted another of his increasingly cryptic messages on his page on the band’s website ([url=]

Yorke has lifted a section from Malcom Lowry’s ‘Under The Volcano’ and reproduced it beneath a dark pencil drawing.

It follows other curious recent postings – one of which included an oblique swipe at the rise of the Internet and future technologies.

In the book, set over one day in a Mexican town on the eve of WWII, a consulate official faces up to his life through a fug of alcohol and mescaline. A volcano just about to blow provides both a backdrop and a dramatisation of the consul’s worsening mental state.

Albert Finney starred in a 1984 John Houston-directed film adaptation of the book which is oft namechecked by many of Hollywood‘s alternative stars such as Johnny Depp and Sean Penn.

The passage begins, “Or is it because there is a path, as Blake well knew, and though I may not take it, sometimes lately in dreams I have been able to see it? …I seem to see now, between mescals, this path, and beyond it strange vistas, like visions of a new life together we might somewhere lead…” before rounding off with the description of the sound of a train in the distance.

It is unexplained why Yorke chose the passage, what fans are supposed to make of it or whether a dozen dates into the mainland Europe leg of Radiohead‘s comeback tour, road fatigue has set in.

Fans can find out tomorrow. As well as an initial reaction from the gig after the first part of the set, which will be posted on our news section, within minutes of leaving the stage at London’s Royal Festival Hall, will bring you a full review. You can discover if more new tracks have been aired since the live debut on June 13, if the band have much to say about playing in the UK again and if Thom has more to add about his favourite books.

Radiohead warm up for the gig with a sold out show tonight in La Grand Rex in Paris.