Colin Greenwood and Ed O'Brien fly to the Sundance Film Festival in Utah to unveil new material...

Two brand new RADIOHEAD tracks are due to be given their world premiere at the SUNDANCE FILM FESTIVAL in the US on Wednesday (January 24).

According to [url=], the tracks, presumably from the band’s forthcoming record ‘Amnesiac’, will be played alongside video footage and B-sides from the band at an event entitled ‘Sounds For Visual Thinkers’. The names of the songs are to remain under wraps until the actual event.

Radiohead members Colin Greenwood and Ed O’Brien have flown out to be at the Sundance festival in Utah. According to a posting by singer Thom Yorke on the official Radiohead message forum, [url=], the band are considering recording a film score at some point in their career, although they are “waiting for the right idea”.

He said: “Jonny’s big into the idea. I didn’t understand how you did it till I went to a flashy studio in London and realised that you just there watching TV playing along. Which is sort of interesting, I tend to do that anyway.

“It would be nice to co-ordinate something that wasn’t necessarily a set of songs. For me, however, I worry that this will be like trying to hold water. Everytime I think about it, I see a large neon sign that says, ‘Lost it’. However I am getting used to seeing that sign nowadays, so maybe that’s OK.

“I suppose we are waiting for the right idea, which is why Colin and Ed have gone to the Sundance Festival, to join the Hollywood jetset!”

This year’s Sundance Film Festival started on January 18, and will continue until January 28. Other musical films which will be premiered at the festival include the directorial debut of The Dandy Warhols’ mainman Courtney Taylor, and a documentary which follows the 1999 Ozzfest festival, featuring live performances from, amongst others Slipknot and Ozzy Osbourne.