The band play their first gig in the north of England in three years...

Radiohead marked the eve of ‘KID A’‘s release last night (October 1) by playing their first show in the north of ENGLAND for three years.

With the band’s fourth longplayer due on the streets this morning through Parlophone, they played the first of three consecutive dates at Victoria Park in Warrington. The last time Radiohead played in the area was during the ‘OK Computer’ tour in October 1997, when they played what was then the Manchester Nynex Arena.

The set changed little from earlier dates on the tour – the 21 tracks featured selections from ‘Kid A’, including ‘Morning Bell’, ‘The National Anthem’ and ‘Everything In Its Right Place’, along with tracks earmarked for their forthcoming fifth album, including ‘You And Whose Army’ and ‘Knives Out’. The remaining material was comprised from ‘The Bends’ and ‘OK Computer’. Support came from Liverpool act Clinic.

The Warrington dates will wind up the British leg of Radiohead’s world tour, which sees the band take their own logo-free tent around venues. Tickets are still available for tonight (October 2) and tomorrow (October 3) at Victoria Park.

Respected Radiohead fan site [url=] reports that the release of ‘Kid A’ has been delayed in New Zealand and some parts of Australia because of manufacturing problems. It will arrive in Sydney on schedule, but in Brisbane and Melbourne the CDs are expected to arrive roughly 12 hours late. In all other areas of Australia except Perth, it is expected to hit the shops one day late. Perth and New Zealand are reported to be receiving ‘Kid A’ two days late.

As previously reported by, Radiohead have completed a fifth album due for release in spring 2001. Live versions of the new tracks have been available through Napster for some months.