nme.com has the details of the group's Dublin gigs in the autumn...

Radiohead have finally confirmed the dates for their rumoured gigs in DUBLIN on October 6, 7 and 8.

The band, who play the Lycabetus Theatre in Athens, Greece, tonight and tomorrow (June 26, 27), bring their big top tent to Punchestown Racecourse for the October shows. Tickets go on sale on July 1.

That is also the date when the band make their long-awaited live return to the UK, appearing at London Royal Festival Hall as part of Scott Walker’s Meltdown Festival.


In other Radiohead news, Thom Yorke posted a message on their website, [url=]www.radiohead.com on Friday (June 23), urging people to support Jubilee 2000‘s ‘Drop The Debt’ campaign, which gives people the opportunity to email the leaders of the world’s seven richest countries directly and bombard them with pleas to cancel the debts when the G7 countries next meet on July 21.

In the message, Thom writes: “The G7 have snaked their way out of most of the promises they made last year and this is the best way to shit them up for this year’s summit. The G7 in its apathy and ineffectual gesturing is now responsible directly for the deaths of millions of people. Years of misguided economic policy and thinly veiled imperialism must be changed.”

He posts a message forwarded from the Jubilee 2000 website – which highlights the deaths of 19,000 children every day in Africa due to money intended for medical aid and food being spent on arms – with an email link that will automatically forward a message to all seven world leaders.

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