A US website has a live version of 'Permanent Daylight'...

A live version of Radiohead track ‘PERMANENT DAYLIGHT’ is available as a free download on US website [url=]

The MP3 is a live recording of the song from the band’s gig at Tredegar House, Newport in Wales.

Colin Greenwood, speaking to NME after one of the band’s Newport shows, admitted that the gigs, their first in the UK for two years, had set the band on edge a lot more than the earlier European dates: “You’d be apprehensive if you were playing in front of your home audience. There were nine to ten thousand people there tonight… We can’t just play in pretty places in the south of France, that would be really crap. It was our first show and we’re trying to do everything differently with the sound and lights… Thom was saying tonight, when he came off, that he really enjoyed it, because there were moments of chaos and frenzy and doubt and success and failure, all happening in an hour-and-a-half. We don’t want boredom to set in.”

To read the full interview, see this week’s issue of NME (cover date September 30), on sale around the UK now.

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