Radiohead singer chats online about Jubilee 2000's Drop The Debt campaign...but gives nothing away about Radiohead...

THOM YORKE followed Bono online last night by taking part in a web chat for Jubilee 2000‘s Drop The Debt campaign.

Yorke put the case lucidly and told of how his own personal experiences shaped his convictions about debt relief.

“It’s affected me very much, it’s affected me very deeply because I think I spent the first few years of being in Radiohead not aware of outside issues like these. I had tunnel vision but as we travelled a lot it became very obvious that the wonderful west was not the wonderful west we thought it was… the trip to Mexico and Thailand made that bloody obvious,” he said.


“My personal experience was in some way feeling that everyone was trying to be western but it was obvious that the country’s were only doing this because culturally they had been destroyed and they were at the west’s mercy.

“I think any artist or any writer or any creative person is more acutely aware of their surroundings which is unfortunate sometimes but it does mean sometimes its difficult to ignore wider issues… it’s hard to sing about “humping your baby” when you’re seeing all this other stuff it’s difficult to live with a bad conscience.

But Yorke was close mouthed about current Radiohead activities, responding to any questions about the band’s touring and recording activities with a curt “That’s not relevant.”

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