'Egyptian Song' is premiered at Barcelona show...

Radiohead debuted another new track during their show in Barcelona on Thursday (June 15).

The band added ‘Egyptian Song’ to their set during the encore. The gig in the city’s Teatro Tivoli was their only Spanish stop on this current leg of their tour.

What was the second night of Radiohead‘s long-awaited return to the live arena (their show in the Theatre de Vaison La Romane in Vaison was cancelled on Wednesday night, June 14, when torrential rain left the outside venue unplayable) showed some change from Tuesday’s opener in Arles.

Although seven new tracks were again aired, the band trawled their back catalogue to perform a few songs that were not heard in France.

While in Spain frontman Thom Yorke opened up with his thoughts about the as-yet-untitled new album, due for release in early October. He told the Spanish media that he felt the new material was reminiscent of David Bowie’s Berlin trilogy of records.

Radiohead continue their tour with a show tonight (June 17) at Arenes d’Frejus in Frejus, France.

The full set list for the Barcelona show was as follows:

‘Talk Show Host’, ‘Bones’, ‘Optimistic’, ‘Karma Police’, ‘Planet Telex’, ‘Morning Bell’, ‘How To Disappear’, ‘Street Spirit’, ‘National Anthem’, ‘My Iron Lung’, ‘No Surprises’, ‘Climbing Up The Walls’, ‘Lucky’, ‘Exit Music’, ‘Airbag’, ‘Everything In Its Right Place’

Encore: ‘Just’, ‘Egyptian Song’, ‘Lurgee’, ‘Paranoid Android’.