The singer says "It was just too dangerous" to play the gig in France...

Radiohead vocalist THOM YORKE has apologised to fans for the band’s decision to cancel last night’s French show.

The band scrapped last night’s gig at the Theatre Antique De Vaison La Romane in the south of France at the eleventh hour, after torrential rain flooded the arena and made conditions impossible for them to play.

Speaking early this morning (June 15) on the official Radiohead message board, Yorke said: “That was hard work getting it together. We’ve had a shit day. Can you pass on apologies to all who came a long way for today’s show. It was just too dangerous with the thunder and lightning, very, very frightening. I’m off to sleep, goodnight.” The show is expected to be rescheduled in the near future.


In addition, the band have posted on their website some photographs taken by Yorke during the band’s first live show of their European tour at the Theatre Antique D’Arles in France on June 13. The pictures can be seen on guitarist Jonny Greenwood‘s page, at [url=]

Radiohead continue their European tour this evening at the Barcelona Teatro Tivoli in Spain. The band then play in France, Greece and Italy, before returning to the UK for a sold-out show at the London Royal Festival Hall on July 1.

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