A Sony Music Clip featuring 'Kid A' is to be auctioned for charity...

A SONY MUSIC CLIP featuring Radiohead‘s entire new album ‘KID A’ is available to buy on the Internet auction website EBAY.

Journalists receiving ‘Kid A’ in the US have been given an encoded Sony MC-P10 Music Clip Personal Network Player containing the album, as a way of avoiding illegal bootlegs being made. The player is a pencil-shaped, digital device which can store MP3 files. It is not yet available in the shops.

Now, Radiohead‘s US record label Capitol are auctioning the device to raise money for The Milarepa Foundation, a charity “dedicated to the promotion of universal compassion and non-violence”.

The auction for the clip will run until September 21, when the highest bidder will receive the album, prior to its worldwide release at the start of October.

To place a bid for the Radiohead Music Clip, [url=]Click here…