Belfast-set BBC drama 'Eureka Street' has instrumental score by Yorke and co...

Radiohead have written the soundtrack to a new BBC drama series.

The Oxford band have penned all the incidental music for the adaptation of prize-winning Irish author Robert McLiam Wilson‘s 1997 Eureka Street: A Novel Of Ireland Like No Other, a four-part series to be aired in September. The soundtrack is purely instrumental.

Although the band have donated previously recorded tunes to soundtracks before, most notably Baz Luhrmann‘s Romeo & Juliet, this is the first time they have written an original score.


The band agreed to get involved in the project because they are big fans of Wilson‘s work, with guitarist Ed O’Brien in particular citing Eureka Street as one of his favourite novels.

“It’s a great book,” he said, “I was completely blown away by it.”

Wilson himself has also, rather obliquely, returned the compliment.

He said: “Their music cheers me up, oddly. I know it’s not meant to but it does.”

A spokeswoman told NME: “This is one of those things they just really wanted to do for themselves.”

The drama is set in present-day Belfast and revolves around the life of repoman Jake Jackson and his friends. Starring Dervla Kirwan and Vincent Regan, and directed by Adrian Shergold, noted for other TV dramas Holding On and Births, Marriages And Deaths, Eureka Street is the most expensive drama filmed in Northern Ireland. Radiohead are currently working in a studio in Gloucestershire, recording the follow-up to 1997’s ‘OK Computer’.

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