Plus to report live from their first date of the world tour - the moment it happens...

Radiohead have announced they will tour the UK this autumn using their own circus-style portable marquees, can announce.

The band, who are set to play their first date of this year on Tuesday June 13 in Arles, France which will be reporting from before in the lead up to the gig and the moment it happens. If you’re going we’re keen to hear from you as well, e-mail us at

They play a sold-out one off date at the London Southbank Meltdown Festival on July 1 and then pitch up for their first UK gigs proper this year at Newport South Wales Tredegar House on September 1&2. They then play London Tower Hamlets Victoria Park (23, 24 & 25), Glasgow Green (28 & 29) and Warrington Cheshire Victoria Park (October 1, 2 & 3).

Tickets go on sale on Saturday June 17 and are priced #25 including VAT plus #1.80 maximum booking fee and postage. A maximum of four per are allowed per application.

Also today, Radiohead guitarist ED O’BRIEN has suggested that given the recent “bad media engagements” undertaken by TONY BLAIR, the band hire his chief political spin doctor ALASTAIR CAMPBELL to “save some of his rapidly dwindling credibilty”.

O’Brien made the light-hearted remark on a new posting on the band’s official website [url=] The “bad media engagements” are a reference to the barracking the Prime Minister took at the Women’s Institute conference in London on Wednesday (June 7).

O’Brien said: “Maybe, just maybe he could add some ‘spin’ to us Radiohead fellas. That would be ace to see Campbell doing interviews for us, tight-lipped, stern and fending off the press – ‘Listen sonny, if you ask this lot another question about why they always seem such a miserable bunch of bastards I will personally make sure you never hear another record of theirs again… and for the record meeting people IS easy’.”

He also added to the evergrowing interest in Radiohead‘s forthcoming album by declaring that he “fucking loves” it.

“At such a crucial time of the album – tracklisting, rehearsals, titles, arguments and full on scraps I probably haven’t been at my most objective,” admitted the guitarist. “There is however one cert in my mind – I fucking love this record now. And that’s not me attempting to whip others into a kind of mass marketing aren’t we great type frenzy…it’s the God’s honest truth.”

Fans are hoping to discover just how the new album sounds when Radiohead kick off a series of European and Israeli dates in Arles, France next Tuesday (June 13).