'Kid A' is available to download in its entirety...

The new Radiohead album ‘KID A’ has been posted on Napster.

Radiohead fans have been e-mailing throughout the day claiming the new album, which will not get its full UK release until October 2, is now available in its entirety. The unofficial Radiohead website [url=] also claims the album is now available in full on Napster.

Security surrounding the release of ‘Kid A’ in the UK has been exceptionally tight, with few, if any national journalists having been sent a copy as yet. National journalists are not expected to receive the album until the middle of September.

A handful of journalists and fans have been given the opportunity to listen to ‘Kid A’, but had to attend a series of special album playbacks where the record was played once through personal remote controlled headphones.

However, unless the band have changed their opinion on Napster in recent weeks, it seems unlikely they will be that bothered. Speaking previously about the Napster debate on the BBC news programme Newsnight, bassist Colin Greenwood said bands and labels should “embrace” the technology. He said: “I wouldn’t want to defend people who are making money out of our music but at the same time the important thing is to embrace the technology and not put your head in the sand like so many record companies have done because it is not going away.

“For us as a group it has given us a new lease of life because it has enabled us to do various things like perform live concerts, webcasts from our studio, shoot videos ourselves which cost a fraction of video budgets normally.”

Greenwood also cited the example of the band’s first European tour in June and July – within hours most of their shows were available on Napster. He continued: “We have just finished a tour, we played in Barcelona, the next day the entire performance was up on Napster and three weeks later when we got to play in Israel the audience knew the words to all the new songs and it was wonderful.”