The band intend to release a new LP both this year and next...

Radiohead are set to play two more dates in DENMARK as part of their ever expanding autumn European Tour, and bassist COLIN GREENWOOD has revealed the band plan to release the follow-up to their new album by September 2001.

According to the unofficial Radiohead website www.billetnet.dk, although a spokesperson for the band insisted that the shows had not yet been officially confirmed.

In other Radiohead news, in an interview in the latest issue Belgian magazine Humo, bassist Colin Greenwood talks about the new album, which he claims will be short and experimental. He said: “We want a short record – 10, 11 songs, but we’ve got more than 20… In September 2001 we want to have finished a new album with all new songs. Before that, everything we still have has to be brought out.”


Colin added that Thom Yorke sings backwards on one track, with another featuring a ten-piece orchestra. He said: “We’ve recorded one song with a jazz band, and another song with a 10-piece orchestra. Both songs will be on the new album. On one song, Thom sings backwards. Now that’s gonna be a challenge when we play live! For example, Thom has built up a piano part with a sequencer, because he doesn’t know how to play a piano. You just can’t play the result, unless you have 5 hands with 20 fingers each!”

Finally, Colin poked fun at the band Muse, who are constantly compared to Radiohead, telling them to “cheer up”. He said: “A couple of days ago I saw Muse on MTV, and I really got scared. They really try to look like us, but they didn’t seem to enjoy it very much. Those guys really need to cheer up, and quick!”

A full transcript of the interview is also available at [url=]www.followmearound.com.

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