But joined the lucky souls in New York who did get a chance to hear 'Kid A' for the first time...

Over 150 Radiohead fans were turned away from a multi-media playback of ‘KID A’ at the IMAX THEATRE in NEW YORK last night (September 5). joined the 600 fans who were lucky enough to get tickets for the first public airing of the album almost a month before it’s US release. Tickets for the showing in the seven-story theatre had been available on the door from 6pm on a first-come, first-served basis.

Unlike the ‘Kid A’ playbacks in the UK so far, the US playback was multi-media. As the Radiohead faithful trooped into the auditorium, they were handed a pair of 3-D glasses to absorb the aquarium-like visuals that accompanied the playback.

A representative from the band’s US record label Capitol introduced the album, warning the audience to “expect the unexpected,” adding that the 3-D visuals had not been specially created for the performance.

One fan, Jenn Lanchart, told us: “I was one of the last five they allowed in. 3-D glasses were provided and thus the journey into Radiohead land began…We viewed underwater life move to the beat of each new Radiohead track.”

Jonathan Bell added: “The 3-D visuals, featuring various fish and sea animals (crabs, sharks) within a slowly undulating underwater kelp forest seemed to synchronise beautifully with the music in certain places.” Another fan, Erik Hove, was less impressed, complaining that he got “tired watching calimari swim backwards,” while Andy Steinitz, was unconvinced by his first listen to the album, saying: “I wanted to hear more vocals from Thom Yorke and more guitars.”

But the overall response seemed positive, with polite applause at the end of the playback.

In addition to the fans who made it in to the playback, Beastie Boys‘ DJ Mixmaster Mike was also in attendance.

‘Kid A’ is released in the UK on October 2 through Parlophone, and in the US the following day.