Ed's diary on the 'dark' Copenhagen sessions...

Ed O’Brian from Radiohead has posted the latest news about the recording of the new album, on the band’s site including the fact that they’re demoing one of the tracks called ‘How To Disappear’ for an orchestral arrangement.

Jonny is particularly keen to use an orchestra but not in the standard cliched way…more like the end of ‘Climbing The Walls’. Thom‘s vocal on it was jaw-dropping. It’s very strange to be playing that song again as we played it frequently on the ‘OK Computer’ tour…” he wrote.

There’s also an eight-piece Charlie Mingus-style ensemble playing on on ‘Everyone…The National Anthem’.


Ed has also written an update on the band’s recording sessions in Paris, Copenhagen, London and Batsford and some doubts as to how they’ll make some of the tracks work live.

“I’ve been listening to thge Copenhagen tracks and out-takes,” he writes. “The overall sound is great. Pretty dark but then that session was hardly a chuckle trousered affair.”