Guitarist Ed O'Brien compares 'Amnesiac' to the group's 1995 album 'The Bends'...

RADIOHEAD’s new album ‘AMNESIAC’ is now likely to be released in June 2001 and the band will release singles to accompany the record, according to guitarist ED O’BRIEN.

O’Brien did an interview on the Australian Radio network Triple J yesterday (December 19), speaking about the band’s year and their plans for 2001. In the course of the interview, he revealed that, as previously predicted, ‘Amnesiac’ will contain some material recorded during the sessions for last album ‘Kid A’, which was not used.

According to the unofficial Radiohead website [url=]www.followmearound.com, O’Brien compared the record to Radiohead’s second album ‘The Bends’, saying that the “the mood is not constant like ‘OK Computer’ or ‘Kid A’.”

A UK spokesperson for Radiohead could not confirm any details to NME.COM, claiming nothing had been officially decided.

Speaking previously about ‘Amnesiac’, singer Thom Yorke said that the record “goes off in two ways…one is like very broken machinery. The other is really fat and dark…maybe it will be a better record than the one we’ve just made. It’s impossible for us to judge. In the same way, I can’t judge what ‘Kid A’ is like.”

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