Radiohead nearly worked with Dr Dre on ‘Kid A’

Band admit that potential collaboration 'might have been be a little bit forced'

Radiohead have revealed that they almost worked with Dr Dre for their ‘Kid A’ album.

‘Kid A’, the band’s fourth album, was released in 2000 and saw the band take a more electronic approach.

Speaking to Rolling Stone recently, guitarist Ed O’Brien said they initially wanted to work with Dre on the album, explaining: “It was sort of like a dream. I kept on saying, ‘Oh I’d love to work with Dr. Dre.’ I knew it would likely be shouted down or laughed at. Also, it might have been be a little bit forced. But at the time, in my head, it made perfect sense.”

“The problem would have been finding modus operandi because Dre obviously works in a certain way. Could he have handled a rock band? Who knows? But it came from being a fan of NWA and his productions around that time.”

Elsewhere in the RS interview, Thom Yorke described recording ‘OK Computer’ in a haunted house and recalled hiding among Radiohead fans on their way to the band’s gig.

The band also made headlines by hitting out at Britpop, with Jonny Greenwood describing the genre as “just a 1960s revival” and Yorke saying it “made me fucking angry”.

They have also suggested that they could record next album live for first time since 1997.

Meanwhile, the band recently announced the 20th anniversary reissue of their classic album ‘OK Computer’. They recently played unreleased track ‘I Promise’ live for the first time in 21 years.

The ‘OK Computer’ reissue will arrive on June 23, the same day they perform at Glastonbury.