Radiohead launch online ‘public library’ to let fans stream rare EPs for the first time

Get your library cards now...

Radiohead have launched their own ‘public library’ which will act as an online archive of the band’s vast material.

From today (January 20), Radiohead fans can register to create their own library card and membership number which will allow them to access a curated and organised archive of the band’s BACK catalogue and a selection of artefacts associated with each album.

For the first time ever, fans will be able to stream a number of previously unavailable rarities for the first time – including the band’s 1992 debut, the ‘Drill’ EP, ‘I Want None of This’ from the 2005 charity compilation ‘Help!: A Day in the Life’, and the 2011 ‘TKOL RMX 8’ remix EP.


Among the other highlights on offer include detailed artwork and official videos, as well as ad-free HD live and TV performances, B-Sides and compilation tracks.

Fans can also access out-of-print merchandise to be custom-made on demand, as well as the band’s individual “office chart” playlists from the recording sessions of ‘In Rainbows’, ‘The King of Limbs’ and ‘A Moon Shaped Pool’.

To commemorate the Library’s opening week, band members Colin and Jonny Greenwood, Ed O’Brien, Philip Selway and Thom Yorke will each take a turn serving as librarian for a day beginning January 20 and ending January 24, as they present a curated selection of archival material across the band’s social media channels (as well as their own Radiohead Public Library cards).

This comes after the band added their entire discography to YouTube last month. From their 1993 debut album ‘Pablo Honey’ through to 2016’s ‘A Moon Shaped Pool’, you can listen to Radiohead’s back catalogue of releases via their YouTube account.

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