Radiohead fans speculate about ‘OK Computer’ anniversary following mysterious poster campaign

Posters have been spotted in London, Berlin, Amsterdam, Los Angeles and New York

Radiohead fans have been speculating that the band could be set to mark the 20 year anniversary of their classic album ‘OK Computer’.

‘OK Computer’ was released in the UK in June 1997 and is widely regarded as one of the greatest records of modern times.

Fans of the band have recently taken to Reddit to debate over posters that have been spotted in cities such as London, Berlin, Amsterdam, Los Angeles and New York.


The posters are seen as a call-back to the band’s ‘Fitter Happier’ lyrics and concept art from the ‘OK Computer’ era. They also feature the dates ‘1997 – 2017’. See in the photos beneath.

When approached by NME about the rumours, Radiohead’s representatives said ‘no comment’.


Radiohead’s visual collaborator Stanley Donwood recently took to Instagram to tease a Radiohead-related project that he claimed was “soon to be real”. He has since posted a series of photos of scaffolding.

Donwood has also denied that the project has anything to do with television, with fans suggesting that it could be linked to a new art project from the people behind Glastonbury’s Shangri-La.

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soon to be real

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Meanwhile, there have been calls for Radiohead to cancel their upcoming gig in Israel. The band are due to play a show in Tel Aviv, Israel’s Park Hayarkon on July 19.

An open letter – signed by musicians including Thurston Moore and Young Fathers – has been issued asking the band to “think again” about their decision.  Issued by Artists for Palestine UK, a network of artists and activists standing for Palestinian cultural expression, ‘An Open Letter to Radiohead’ has also picked up signatures from actor Ricky Tomlinson, retired bishop Desmond Tutu and director Ken Loach.

The letter tells Radiohead, that “by playing in Israel you’ll be playing in a state where, UN rapporteurs say, ‘a system of apartheid has been imposed on the Palestinian people’.” It further claims that Radiohead have previously turned down a cultural boycott of Israel, adding: “Since Radiohead campaigns for freedom for the Tibetans, we’re wondering why you’d turn down a request to stand up for another people under foreign occupation.”

It concludes by saying: “Please do what artists did in South Africa’s era of oppression: stay away, until apartheid is over.”

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