Radiohead play their longest gig in a decade at controversial Israel gig

The show has received a huge backlash

Radiohead played their longest show in a decade in Israel, following huge backlash to their refusal to cancel the planned date. Check out the setlist and footage below.

The band received widespread criticism for refusing to join a cultural boycott of Israel over their human rights violations. Radiohead have faced numerous requests to cancel the gig, with an open letter recently issued by Artists For Palestine UK – and signed by musicians including Roger Waters, Thurston Moore and Young Fathers – asking the group to “think again” about their decision to perform.

Singer Thom Yorke recently had a Twitter altercation with director Ken Loach over the Israel gig, with the latter asking the band whether they would “stand with the oppressed or the oppressor?”

The show tonight (July 19) will mark the final stop of their world tour in support of ‘A Moon Shaped Pool’, and the 20th anniversary of iconic album ‘OK Computer’.

After soundchecking with‘All I Need’, ‘Daydreaming’, ‘The Numbers’, ‘Myxomatosis’, ‘Bloom’, and ‘Like Spinning Plates‘, Radiohead’s setlist saw them play through an epic 28 songs – their longest in over a decade, and including fan favourites ‘Creep’ and ‘The Bends’

Ful Stop
15 Step
All I Need
Pyramid Song
Everything in Its Right Place
Let Down
Weird Fishes/Arpeggi
The Numbers
2 + 2 = 5

No Surprises

Like Spinning Plates
Lotus Flower
Paranoid Android

Encore 2:
The Bends
There There
Karma Police

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