Radiohead could record next album live for first time since 1997

Thom Yorke has said he's open to the idea

Radiohead are considering recording their next album live as a band, which would be the first time they’ve done so since 1997.

The band spoke to Rolling Stone recently and discussed their work on 2016’s ‘A Moon Shaped Pool’. “There was no rehearsal,” said guitarist Ed O’Brien. “We just went straight into recording. A lot of the songs had been around a bit. The sound emerged as we recorded.”

Looking ahead to their next LP, what would be their 10th full-length, bassist Colin Greenwood said: “I wish that we spent more time in a room playing, working on stuff together. But this is how we’ve worked for a long time.” He also added that he was surprised that frontman Thom Yorke might be willing to consider recording live as a band again.


Yorke opined of the idea: “I’ve always been extreme about resisting us being a drum-guitar-bass band. But if that’s what people want to try, I’m too old to be standing there with a hammer and saying, ‘We must do this, we must do that!’ I would like everyone to feel free. But, you know, it’s not easy.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Radiohead hit out at Britpop, with Jonny Greenwood describing the genre as “just a 1960s revival” and Yorke saying it “made me fucking angry”, and described recording ‘OK Computer’ in a haunted house.

The band recently announced the 20th anniversary reissue of their classic album ‘OK Computer’, which will arrive on June 23.

Meanwhile, it has been announced that Jonny Greenwood will open for his own band during Radiohead’s European tour.

Greenwood’s side project Junun, which features the guitarist along with Shye Ben Tzur, and the Rajasthan Express, will support Radiohead for their forthcoming dates in Oslo, Stockholm, Florence, Dublin, Manchester, and Tel Aviv in June and July. They will also play a handful of their own shows during the tour.


Radiohead are due to headline Glastonbury on June 23.