Radiohead have hidden a secret message on their ‘OKNOTOK’ cassette

Clever fans have decode it using a ZX Spectrum

Radiohead have hidden a secret message on the end of the cassette that comes in the ‘OKNOTOK‘ special edition box set.

The collection was released to celebrate the 20th anniversary of their seminal album ‘OK Computer’. It features three vinyl records of the original album, unreleased studio tracks and b-sides, a notebook and sketchbook of artwork and notes, a cassette mixtape compiled by the band and downloads of everything included in the box.

One fan discovered the secret message on the tape by feeding the two minutes of computer tones that bring it to a close into a ZX Spectrum 8-bit computer. According to Reddit users, it resulted in “roughly 30 lines of code” which gives the band members’ names and the message “With all our love”.


As Pitchfork reports, the message is dated December 19, 1996, but it is not clear when the code was made.

Part of the hidden message formed the first teaser posted on Twitter for the ‘OK Computer’ reissue.

Earlier this week (July 11), the band shared a creepy video to promote the special edition release.

The unsettling clip sees the re-emergence of Chieftain Mews, the sinister character who has previously featured in the band’s online broadcasts.

In the brief video, he is seen unboxing a copy of the vinyl reissue and delivers a brief message in an otherworldly voice.


“My name is Chieftain Mews and I’m unboxing. I’m rigid with excitement”, he is heard to say.

Speaking to BBC Two’s Edith Bowman, guitarist Ed O’Brien confirmed that the band will return for a ‘little tour’ next year, but also revealed that their main focus will be their solo projects.

We’ll hang up our Radioheads,” he said, after confirming their tour plans for next year. “It’s time for everyone to go off and do their own thing for a bit.”