Watch Radiohead’s video for previously unreleased ‘OK Computer’ track ‘I Promise’

Oxford band are set to headline Glastonbury on June 23

Radiohead have posted a previously unreleased track from their forthcoming ‘OK Computer’ reissue ‘OKNOTOK’. Watch the video for ‘I Promise’ below.

‘I Promise’ is one of the three previously unreleased tracks set to feature on the remastered album. You can listen to the track below. Eight b-sides will also feature on the record.


The band recently announced the 20th anniversary reissue of their classic album ‘OK Computer’, which will arrive on June 23, the same day they perform at Glastonbury.

Yorke recently described recording ‘OK Computer’ in a haunted house.

The band also hit out at Britpop, with Jonny Greenwood describing the genre as “just a 1960s revival” and Yorke saying it “made me fucking angry”.

They also suggested that they could record next album live for first time since 1997 and Yorke recalled hiding among Radiohead fans on their way to the band’s gig.

Meanwhile, it has been announced that Greenwood will open for his own band during Radiohead’s European tour.


Greenwood’s side project Junun, which features the guitarist along with Shye Ben Tzur, and the Rajasthan Express, will support Radiohead for their forthcoming dates in Oslo, Stockholm, Florence, Dublin, Manchester, and Tel Aviv in June and July. They will also play a handful of their own shows during the tour.

Radiohead also recently described how the recording sessions for last year’s album ‘A Moon Shaped Pool’ were “difficult” and “quite hard”.

They released their ninth album in May 2016, with guitarist Ed O’Brien telling Rolling Stone of this period: “We weren’t in a position to really talk about it when it came out. We didn’t want to talk about it being quite hard to make. We were quite fragile, and we needed to find our feet.”

He went on to add: “I don’t want to talk about it anymore, if that’s all right. I feel like the dust hasn’t settled. It was a hard time.”

Frontman Thom Yorke’s ex-wife Rachel Owen passed away seven months after the album was released and it’s thought that she was battling cancer during the band’s recording sessions.

Yorke has now told Rolling Stone: “There was a lot of difficult stuff going on at the time, and it was a tough time for us as people. It was a miracle that that record got made at all.”