The group formed from the ashes of Rage Against The Machine and Soundgarden cause a big problem...

AUDIOSLAVE guitarist TOM MORELLO has claimed the shoot for their new video sparked a terrorist alert.

Morello founded the new group with his fellow Rage Against The Machine members, and ex-Soundgarden singer Chris Cornell. Cornell is the replacement for Zack de La Rocha, who quit to work on his own projects.

Morello claims that when the band shot the video for forthcoming single ‘Cochise’ in LA, the spectacular pyrotechnics used caused alarm to local residents.

“The local police and news station literally received thousands of calls from people who thought the city was under siege,” he told MTV. “All the freeways were blocked because they thought there was an attack occurring. Like someone had decided to attack and the target was going to be the San Fernando Valley.”

Morello also claimed that writing new material has not been a problem for Audioslave, saying they have almost two albums worth of material ready.

He continued: “There’s almost another album’s worth of stuff. The most difficult part of the process was narrowing down the tunes for the first record because the other songs are every bit as good. We ended up choosing the songs that made for the best flow of an album, but there are some pretty fat jams that are still in the can.”