Rage Against The Machine Vs ‘X Factor’ campaign founder: ‘Fuck me I can’t believe it’s Number One’

Jon Morter tells NME.COM he is totally shocked that 'Killing In The Name' is chart topper

The founder of the Rage Against The Machine For Christmas No.1 Facebook campaign has declared the crowning of ‘Killing In The Name’ as Christmas Number One “insane”.

Jon Morter was in total shock when NME.COM informed him that the track had beaten Joe McElderry‘s cover of the Miley Cyrus track ‘The Climb’ to the top spot by 50,000 copies.

“Fuck me it’s crazy I can’t believe it,” he gushed. “It’s mad, the BBC are even picking me up to do a TV interview tonight and the phone’s been going none stop ever since. I can’t take stock of it at the moment.”


Morter started the Facebook campaign, urging members to download the song on December 13 with his wife Tracy, to stop The X Factor winner from claiming the Chrismas Number One for the fifth year in a row.

Speaking about the victory following his campaign, which was backed by Rage guitarist Tom Morello and gained support from Paul McCartney, Morter said: “It’s been absolutely mad this whole thing. To be Christmas Number one is insane isn’t it?

“It just goes to show if you use social networking in the right way you can do it.”

Morter also praised The X Factor and Joe McElderry despite them losing out to Rage Against The Machine.

“The whole aim of the campaign was not to diss The X Factor at all,” he added. “The X Factor fans like music as much as we do so I’ve got absolutely nothing against them. We were just tired of it getting to Number One every year and we wanted to get the Christmas Number One back.

“My message to the fans that supported this campaign is just thank you and thanks for getting behind us,” he continued.


“As for The X Factor fans and Joe, there is nothing sad about being Christmas Number Two. There are thousands of bands across the country who would cut off their right arm to have a Christmas Number Two. It will probably go to Number One next week anyway.”

Despite initially branding their campaign “stupid” and “cynical”, Morter revealed that Simon Cowell personally phoned him last night (December 19) to wish him all the best in the battle for Christmas Number One.

Simon was very sweet and it was lovely to talk to him,” he added. “We had a good chat about music in general and just wished each other good luck. I’ve got total respect for him. That was really nice thing to do.”

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