The band cover rock classics by MC5, Bob Dylan, The Rolling Stones, Devo and Rush...

Rage Against The Machine guitarist TOM MORELLO has revealed that the band are to radically revamp classic tracks from MC5, BOB DYLAN, ROLLING STONES, RUSH and DEVO on an upcoming live album.

And can exclusively reveal that the as-yet-untitled album, which is to be recorded in San Fransisco is now slated for an October release in the UK.

Tracks tipped to appear include Eric B And Rakim‘s ‘Microphone Fiend’, EPMD‘s ‘I’ll House You’, ‘Street Fighting Man’ by The Rolling Stones, Dylan chestnut ‘Maggie’s Farm’, Rush‘s ‘Working Man’ and Devo‘s ‘Beautiful World’.


Speaking on American website Allstar ([url=], Morello saidthey planned to “Rage Against The Machine-ize” them. “I hesitate to call them cover songs because it’s completely new Rage Against The Machine. In the same way that Bruce Springsteen‘s ‘Ghost of Tom Joad’ was a cover, yet you would never mistake it for the original. That’s basically what we are doing with these. It’s completely new Rage Against The Machine songs, which are taking lyrics from Eazy-E to Dylan to Devo to Erik B and Rakim, and we’re Rage Against The Machine-izing them.”

The live album is expected to be completed by the autumn.

The band have already covered MC5‘s ‘Kick Out The Jams’ at recent gigs, and MC5‘s Wayne Kramer is expected to join Rage on stage at forthcoming shows.