The Cypress Hill frontman, who has been linked with the vacant Rage singer's job, calls the band "today's Led Zeppelin"...

CYPRESS HILL rapper B-REAL has said RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE are “today’s LED ZEPPELIN” and it would be a “dream” to become their lead singer.

Speaking to MTV news, B-Real, already linked with the band earlier in the year, said that it would only take a phone call to get him into the band.

He said: “If they call me, I’m down. Hell yeah, that would be a dream to front them. That’s like today’s Led Zeppelin.”

Speaking previously to Melody Maker, Real said he had talks with the remaining members of the band about taking over vocal duties, following the departure of Zack De La Rocha last October.

However, B-Real thinks Rage are going to go in “another direction”. He said: “I told them, ‘Hey, if you guys want, I’m here. “If not, it’s all good. But I think they’re going to take it in another direction…I’m sure whatever they do is gonna be great with whoever they go with. I just hope they keep making music.”

The remaining members of Rage have been working with ex-Soundgarden vocalist Chris Cornell on what guitarist Tom Morello described as “groundbreaking” music.

It remains unclear who will be the final vocalist for Rage.