The band plough on with 'Renegades', despite the departure of frontman Zack De La Rocha...

Rage Against The Machine have confirmed their album of cover versions, ‘RENEGADES’, featuring tracks by MC5, BOB DYLAN, ROLLING STONES and CYPRESS HILL, will be released in the UK on December 4 through EPIC.

The much-touted album will come only weeks after vocalist Zack De La Rocha walked out on the band, claiming they had not achieved their artistic and political goals. The record will feature tracks which the band have used as part of their live show, such as MC5‘s ‘Kick Out The Jams’, as well as other, slightly more obscure covers.

The confirmed tracklisting for the record is: ‘Microphone Fiend’ (Eric B & Rakim)

‘Pistol Grip Pump’ (Volume 10)

‘Kick Out The Jams’ (MC5)

‘Renegades Of Funk’ (Afrika Bambaataa)

‘Beautiful World’ (Devo)

‘I’m Housin” (EPMD)

‘In My Eyes’ (Minor Threat)

‘How I Could Just Kill A Man’ (Cypress Hill)

‘The Ghost Of Tom Joad’ (Bruce Springsteen)

‘Down On The Street’ (Stooges)

‘Street Fighting Man’ (Rolling Stones)

‘Maggie’s Farm’ (Bob Dylan)

Speaking previously about the album, guitarist Tom Morello said the band planned to “Rage Against The Machine-ize” the covers. He said: “I hesitate to call them cover songs because it’s completely new Rage Against The Machine. In the same way Bruce Springsteen‘s ‘Ghost Of Tom Joad’ was a cover, yet you would never mistake it for the original. That’s basically what we are doing with these. It’s completely new Rage Against The Machine songs, which are taking lyrics from Eazy-E to Dylan to Devo to Erik B and Rakim, and we’re Rage Against The Machine-izing them.”

A UK spokesperson for Rage Against The Machine told NME.COM that plans to release a full live album are currently “on hold”, but De La Rocha‘s solo album will be released in April 2001. There will be a live video and DVD of the band’s first ever show in Mexico City also released before the end of the year.