Rage guitarist Tom Morello blames Tim C's arrest for disorderly conduct at the MTV Video Music Awards on Britney Spears...

Rage Against The Machine bassist TIM C has been released from jail after being arrested for disorderly conduct at the MTV VIDEO MUSIC AWARDS.

As reported last Friday (September 8), the bassist was arrested at the awards at the Radio City Music Hall in New York last Thursday night (September 7).

Limp Bizkit were scheduled to receive their award for Best Rock Video when Tim C climbed a stage set and refused to come down, rocking it backwards and forwards.


According to reports on [url=]www.mtv.com, the bassist, real name Timothy Commerford has now been released after pleading guilty to disorderly conduct in a Manhattan court last Friday morning (September 8). He had spent one night in jail, and was released on time served.

Speaking to LA Radio Station K-ROC about the incident, Rage guitarist Tom Morello jokingly blamed Britney Spears as the reason behind Commerford climbing the set. He said: “Every bass player worth his salt has a little bit of Sid Vicious in his heart…I think he was whipped into that fervour by…Britney Spears‘ version of ‘Satisfaction’. That put him over the edge.” Speaking about his arrest, Morello accused security staff at the awards of a “total overreaction”.

Pete Beattle, one of Rage Against The Machine‘s security staff, was also arrested following the incident, and after pleading guilty to obstruction of justice, was also released after spending the night in jail.