Or was it a PR hoax?

Rage Against The Machine may have brought New York traffic to a standstill when they performed outside the Ed Sullivan Theatre on 53rd Street in a special webcast on November 2, but, in stark contrast to their huge profile and credibility Stateside it seems Rage can’t get arrested in Britain.

Rage‘s Tom Morello is said to have transmitted a pirate radio show on October 30 in London, but no-one appears to have heard it.

A source close to the band claimed that at 6pm, Morello and three others entered a tower block in south London and proceeded to transmit ‘Guerilla Radio’ for almost five hours. The broadcast, on 90.8FM, is said to have reached most of central London.

It is claimed they would have broadcast longer, ‘but for the intervention of the radio authorities’ who detected the transmission and seized all equipment.

The broadcast is said to have concluded with a pointed tirade from Morello in which the American called on listeners to support trade unions and rise against management.

In a transcript of the remarks, he also directed attacks against the Labour government and their perceived exploitation of workers. He dedicated the new RATM single to Tony Blair, “the Tory in disguise”.

However, the Radio And Communications Agency, the body responsible for monitoring the airwaves, says that contrary to the claims, no equipment was seized and no broadcast was detected.

Adding to the belief that the transmission was nothing more than a PR hoax, was the timing, coinciding as it did with the release of the band’s new album ‘The Battle Of Los Angeles’.

The band had also played in Mexico City on October 27 and were scheduled to perform in Washington DC on October 31, making it difficult to see how the radio broadcast could feasibly have happened.

There has been no official comment from the band as regards the broadcast.