Paul McCartney backs Rage Against The Machine in Christmas Number One race

Ex-Beatle backs band despite performing on 'The X Factor'

Paul McCartney has registered his support for Rage Against The Machine in the battle for the Christmas Number One single.

Despite performing on The X Factor with winner Joe McElderry last Sunday (December 18), McCartney said he thinks it would be “kind of funny” if ‘Killing In The Name’ beats McElderry‘s ‘The Climb’ to Number One position.

“I like the idea of this Rage Against The Machine thing that’s happening,” he told Sky News. “I think that’s kind of interesting.”


Watch the video interview with McCartney by clicking below.

When asked if he would be pleased if the band do make it to Number One, McCartney said: “Yeah I think so, because it’s out of leftfield you know. Everyone expects Joe to do it, and he certainly will sell a lot of records. And if he gets to Number One, good luck to him. But it would be kind of funny if a band like Rage Against The Machine got it, because it would prove a point.”

In terms of sales McElderry is currently gaining on the US rockers, with ‘The Climb’ around 9,000 sales behind ‘Killing In The Name’ as of last night. He had trailed behind them by 36,681 copies 24 hours previously

The BBC was forced to apologise yesterday when Rage Against The Machine played an expletive-ridden version of the song live on BBC Radio 5live.

Joe McElderry, meanwhile, recently revealed that he has never heard the song (or indeed anything by Rage Against The Machine) before.

Simon Cowell has slammed the Facebook campaign to get Rage to the top spot, calling it “stupid”, “cynical” and “very Scrooge“.


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