Video of two year-old playing Rage Against The Machine on Guitar Hero goes viral – watch

The clip has been viewed nearly 3 million times

A video capturing footage of a two year-old playing along to a track by Rage Against The Machine on Guitar Hero has gone viral online.

The clip, featuring an unnamed child, sees the kid playing ‘Bulls On Parade’ from the band’s 1996 album ‘Evil Empire’ on the video game. The footage, which was uploaded to Youtube, has been viewed nearly 3 million times (correct at the time of publishing).

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Watch the viral video below.

Meanwhile, Rage Against The Machine member Tim Commerford has scathingly critiqued the US healthcare system in a new music video that shows the bassist getting actual spinal surgery after rupturing a disc in his back. Commerford is currently fronting the band Future User and the clip has been released alongside the LA trio’s track ‘Voodoo Juju’. In it, former Rage member Tom Morello plays a money-grabbing doctor the who explains to Commerford that, because the band hasn’t played since 2011, his health insurance has expired, meaning hefty fees will need to be paid for his medical care.

Scenes with Morello, as well as cameos from Rush members Alex Lifeson and Geddy Lee, have been edited together with very graphic footage of Commerford’s actual surgery. “I got the idea for the video after I ruptured a disc in my back and needed emergency surgery,” said Commerford in a statement. “As someone who often goes under the knife, I’ve always been a bit overwhelmed by the process, paperwork, approvals and costs. Luckily, I have insurance, but it got me thinking about all the people in this country who can’t afford medical treatment. I read an article recently that said there are over 40 million uninsured people living in the States, which is insane.”

‘Voodoo Juju’ follows the ‘Mountain Lion’ video put out by Future User in January which starred disgraced cyclist Lance Armstrong. In the piece, a masked man takes drugs before going out on his skateboard. Armstrong features in the end of the promo, talking on the phone about his cycling prowess.