Tom Morello releases new protest song ‘Marching On Ferguson’ – listen

Rage Against The Machine musician unveils track in support of protests in Ferguson, Missouri

Rage Against The Machine musician Tom Morello has unveiled a brand new track called ‘Marching On Ferguson’. Scroll down to listen now.

The song refers to the recent political unrest in Ferguson, Missouri, where unarmed teenager Michael Brown was shot dead by a policeman back in August. Following the incident, Morello tweeted: “Against death penalty but if instituted 4killer cops, corporate criminals &presidents who go to war under false pretense might be deterrent?”

The track is available as a free download right now at, a website newly launched to encourage activism this month in the American city.

Morello had previously performed the track live at Los Angeles’ Ford Theatre on September 5.

Earlier this year, Morello revealed that he was working on a solo album and compared the material to Jimi Hendrix.