Watch Tom Morello compare Donald Trump to a ‘frat house rapist’

The Rage Against The Machine guitarist features on a new track, 'Old Man Trump'

Tom Morello has compared US Republican candidate Donald Trump to a “frat house rapist”.

The Rage Against The Machine guitarist made the comment in an introduction to the video for folk singer Ryan Harvey’s song, ‘Old Man Trump’.

“I’m standing up against Old Man Trump,” Morello says. “When it comes to race relations, he’s like an old-school segregationist. When it comes to foreign policy, he’s like an old-school napalmist.”

He continued: “When it comes to women’s issues, he’s like a frat house rapist. So let’s not elect that guy.”

Morello features on the track, which is available now, alongside Ani DiFranco. Watch the video below, via Rolling Stone.

‘Old Man Trump’ uses lyrics that Woody Guthrie wrote over 60 years ago about Trump’s father, Fred. The words were found by a professor at the University Of Lancashire, Will Kaufman, when he visited the Woody Guthrie Archives in Tulsa, Oklahoma. In them, Guthrie criticises Fred Trump for racist rental policies.

In a statement to Rolling Stone, Harvey said: “Some say there are two Americas. I’d say there are a lot more than that. Woody Guthrie’s egalitarian dreams represented a country vastly different from the racially segregated one of Old Man Trump.”

He continued: “As we push forward today like so many did before to confront oppression, Guthrie’s lyrics serve as a snapshot of ourselves in other moments, and of today, of Americans meeting in the streets, workplaces and tenement buildings that have long served as not only spaces of oppression, but also of struggles for political, social and economic change.”