RATM, Public Enemy, Cypress Hill supergroup may be for just one show

Rage Against The Machine insist they still have a future.

Prophets Of Rage, the supergroup formed by Rage Against The Machine, Cypress Hill and Public Enemy, may split up after just one show.

The band features the three core members of RATM minus vocalist Zack De La Rocha alongside Public Enemy rapper Chuck D and B-Real of Cypress Hill.

They play their debut show tonight (May 31) at Los Angeles club Whisky A Go Go – and they have no plans for further shows after that. The LA show will feature songs by all three bands comprising Prophets Of Rage.

Rage Against The Machine guitarist Tom Morello instigated the band by phoning Chuck D’s wife and texting B-Real after learning that De La Rocha still has no plans to record with RATM, who last played together in 2011.

Chuck D told Rolling Stone: “I heard the rumour for years that Zack isn’t going to perform with Rage, and they’d need someone to fill in. My wife is very into politics, and she had a great conversation with Tom. I talked to him and said ‘Sure.’”

B-Real added: “What Tom told me was along the lines of ‘The people need a voice right now.’”

RATM drummer Brad Wilk said the setlist would be “pretty evenly split” between RATM, Public Enemy and Cypress Hill songs. B-Real added: “We haven’t talked about any of that stuff after the LA show. We also have our commitments to Public Enemy and Cypress Hill. We just want to focus on the show and make sure we give 110%.”

Bassist Tim Commerford insisted Rage Against The Machine will continue. He said: “We’re not breaking up, we just do things our own way. Here we are, 25 years later, still a band. And if we did ever play or make new music, it would be a very big deal. I spoke to Zack and got his blessing, and that’s really great. We’re a family, and there’s support across the board.”