The band consider a fresh start following the departure of Zack De La Rocha...

RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE have hinted they may change their name following the departure of vocalist ZACK DE LA ROCHA.

Speaking in an interview with the Canadian website [url=], drummer Brad Wilk hinted that a new line-up may lead to a “whole new thing”, as long as the “attitudes and philosophies” of the group remain.

He said: “We don’t see any reason to not keep going. (The band’s future) is going to be dictated by who we play with, whether or not we play as Rage Against The Machine…the name might still be there, or it might not. But the attitudes and philosophies behind what we do are there, and they have been there for a long time. If we get somebody and it is a whole new pack and a whole new thing, we will continue on with the traditions of Rage Against The Machine.”

De La Rocha walked out on the band earlier in the year claiming the band had not achieved their political goals. Cypress Hill rapper B-Real is rumoured to be interested in filling the vacant position.