Find out which pop star YOU thought should be running the White House...

NME.COM readers have voted ex-RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE singer ZACK DE LA ROCHA as their ideal PRESIDENT OF THE USA.

Zack, who has plenty of time on his hands since quitting RATM last month, romped to surprise victory in a fantasy NME.COM election run in the week that America went to the polls to decide between Democrat Al Gore and Republican George W Bush as the next President.

The singer was chosen as the ideal choice for president due to his politically outspoken views, but NME.COM analysts believe the star’s penchant for nudity would follow well in Bill Clinton’s footsteps.

Coming in second place was Radiohead’s Thom Yorke, a popular choice for disenfranchised youth and a candidate certain to unveil difficult, impenetrable policies that only make sense after a few weeks.

Representing strong family values, mother-of-two Madonna trails behind in third place, though concerns have been expressed that this would leave Guy Ritchie as First Gentleman, paving the way for Vinnie Jones to lead America into the next war. One NME.COM user who said he’d vote for Madge said his decision was based on the fact that he was a 21-year-old White House intern and that: “The thought of cunnilingus is much more pleasant with her than Al Gore.”

Other rock figures who received votes included Liam Gallagher, Ian McCulloch, Billy Corgan and Michael Jackson. One NME.COM voter said he’d choose Jacko because “he was in touch with the kids”. Martine McCutcheon received no votes at all.

In this week’s (November 11th) edition of the NME, we polled America’s leading rock stars – including members of Slipknot, Amen, Wu-Tang Clan and Flaming Lips for their views on the US elections. This week’s NME is in shops in London now and across the rest of the UK from tomorrow morning (Wednesday).