Tom Morello rules out new Rage Against The Machine material

Guitarist ends speculation of a new album from the reunited band

Rage Against The Machine guitarist Tom Morello has said the band have no plans to record a new album together.

Rumours of new material from the band have been circulating since they reformed to play California‘s Coachella festival in April 2007.

Morello told Billboard that he feels there isn’t enough time for the band to record new material together.

“There are no plans for that [recording new material],” he said. “We’ve had a wonderful year and a half of playing shows, and I don’t see any reason to not play more shows. The thing is, there’s only so many hours in the musical day, and mine are very occupied right now.”

Morello also said that his Nightwatchman project takes priority over Rage Against The Machine, calling it his “principal musical focus, as I see it, for the remainder of my life”.

The guitarist has released two albums under the alias, including 2008’s ‘The Fabled City’.