We Are Scientists think Rage Against The Machine are pretentious

New Yorkers say bands shouldn't get political

We Are Scientists have slammed Rage Against The Machine‘s politically-infused Reading Festival slot.

The reformed American quartet took to the Main Stage in Guantanamo Bay-style outfits to perform their opening song ‘Bombtrack’.

Later on in the show frontman Zack de la Rocha declared that George Bush and Tony Blair should be tried for war crimes.

But their political gig didn’t impress We Are Scientists‘ bassist Chris Cain, who said: “They did not [wear the costumes when they had seen them before] – that’s a new shit of pretension that they’ve added into their set.”

Speaking to NME Radio, the group’s frontman Keith Murray added: “When you have a band with something to say, you’d like to feel like they have a legitimate stake in it which I don’t know.

I mean, I guess they do seem to kind of go out of their way to perform beneficial acts in general.”

Murray added: “This is an argument I have with myself a lot because I really hate political statements coming from bands. I feel like the last person I want to hear you know a philosophy from is someone whose one credential is that they can play the guitar.”

Murray admitted Rage Against The Machine aren’t all bad though, saying: “On the other hand it’s good to have bands like Rage Against The Machine, who no matter whether or not you think they’re a bunch of fools who are trapped in freshmen year of university, are at least speaking their minds and like trying to make a difference.

“Although, were they spouting fascist ideas then we’d all be condemning them.”