Rage Against The Machine play show near Barack Obama Democratic Convention

Band play anti-Iraq war gig in US city

Rage Against The Machine played a gig in the Denver Coliseum yesterday (August 28) – deliberately near the Democratic National Convention.

The show was designed to put pressure on US authorities to end the war in Iraq and took place in the same city as the Convention, which took place in the Mile High Stadium at the same time.

As well as playng a live show, the band led the 8,000 concert-goers in a “march for peace” to the Pepsi Center in the city after their gig.

According to Denverpost.com, Vietnam war veteran Ron Kovic (subject of the Academy Award-winning 1989 movie ‘Born On The Fourth Of July’) was invited onstage to make a speech. “We will bring the troops home,” he said, “and we will do this non-violently, in the spirit of Martin Luther King and Nelson Mandela.”

The event passed peacefully after those onstage repeatedly reminded attendees not to give police reason to start a “police riot”.