Rage Against The Machine launch mysterious countdown

Fans say they've already cracked its meaning

Rage Against The Machine have launched two mysterious countdowns on their website.

The group, who reformed for this year’s Coachella Festival, are displaying both clocks on Ratm82407.com/.

The first countdown will end on June 11, while the second timer will finish on August 24.

Although the site gives no indication what the clocks are for, enterprising fans claim to have cracked its meaning.

According to an update on Wikipedia, if users set the internal clocks on their computers forward to the deadlines, the site then reveals its meaning.

The June 11 deadline will apparently reveal the website’s purpose, while repeating the trick will also explain the later countdown.

“The website is registered to Live Nation Worldwide, Inc. Live Nation owns Alpine Valley Music Theatre, in East Troy, Wisconsin,” explains Wikipedia. “By turning your PC clock forward to June 11 the website reveals that RATM will be playing a show there when the second countdown ends on August 24, 2007.”

There are currently no confirmed plans for any Rage Against The Machine live dates, although its strongly rumoured the band will play shows, including some in the UK, this winter.