Guitarist Tom Morello is getting very excited about the record...

AUDIOSLAVE are well on the way to making their second album.

The rock supergroup, which features Soundgarden’s Chris Cornell and Rage Against The Machine’s Tom Morello, sold two million copies of their self-titled debut.

Now, they find themselves in the throes of a writing spurt, with Morello telling MTV: “Last time when we went in to make a record, we wrote a song a day. This time, we’ve done even more. Sometimes we’ve gotten the skeletons of two songs a day.”

He also warned fans to expect surprises from the record, which as yet has no target release date: “The songs are heading in some places where none of the four of us have ever gone in our careers before. When we listen back to the daily tapes, we’re surprised at the music that’s jumping off of them. It’s so inspiring to go down to rehearsal every day.”

And with 25 songs already written, the band have no plans to stop just yet: “There are so many songs now that depending on the choices we make, they could be in totally different records. We could make it ‘Back In Black’ or we could make it ‘The Joshua Tree’. But it’s really exciting, and I’m looking forward to recording it and letting people in on it.”