A series of "inflammatory posts" have allegedly appeared on the system following the
terrorist strikes in the US earlier this week...

The messageboard on the official RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE website

has been closed “in light of repeated phone calls…received from the Secret

Service” with regard to “inflammatory posts” on the system following the

terrorist strikes in the US earlier this week.

Like many band websites, the

official RATM website, at www.ratm.com, contains a messageboard for fans to

host discussions.

However, according to a posting on the website, the company

that hosts the messageborad “will no longer donate their services to keep this

message board running in light of repeated phone calls they have received from

the Secret Service with regards to inflammatory posts on several of the forums”.

The posting continues: “We are endeavouring to correct the situation and get

your free exchange of information and ideas up and running as soon as possible.”

A UK spokesperson for the group was unavailable to comment on the situation

today (September 14).

In related news, Rage guitarist Tom

Morello has issued a statement about Tuesday’s (September 11) events.

He wrote: “Our deepest sympathy and condolences go out to all the people and

their families affected by the attacks on Tuesday. The loss of innocent life is

just terrible, and our thoughts go out to all of you who personally may have had

friends or family killed or injured in the tragedy. The pain felt across the

country demonstrates the lesson of Tuesday’s events: that the taking of innocent

life is devastating to a society and terribly wrong.

“On Tuesday, the victims

were American. But the horrible scenes that we’ve witnessed on TV this week are

regular occurrences in other places around the globe. And too often, violence

like this has been meted out by our own country and its client states. We should

stand together against this type of violence in all its forms, whenever it

happens, whether its done in the name of religious fanaticism, or in the names of

our own domestic elite.

“Our best wishes go out to all of you. Take care of

yourselves, and each other.”