The album by the former RATM is expected next year...

DJ SHADOW has spoken out about his “hardcore” contribution to the forthcoming solo album by ZACK DE LA ROCHA.

Since leaving Rage Against The Machine, the vocalist has been working on a solo record, with Shadow contributing as a producer on a handful of tracks.

Shadow revealed to Australian website that he will work on the album again in the New Year, with a view to release in late 2003.

He said. “The next thing I’m working on in the New Year, I’m finishing up a few songs for Zack De La Rocha, who is working on his album. I’m producing a few songs.

“I started doing demos for him a few years ago when I had time and we’ve settled on a few. I want to get those mixed up and his vocals settled down. I think somehow back home and in England somehow they got the impression I was embarrassed to be working with all these high profile names. That wasn’t the case at all. It was a great challenge.

“As far as sound goes, it is hardcore. It is pretty hard. I would personally like to think that a lot of my music is quite hard-edged too even if it’s not sonically kind of rocky. ‘Walkie Talkie’ is a pretty hard core song. A lot of what I have done in the past, maybe certain moments on ‘Endtroducing’ or certain moments on other records is hard core. The Badly Drawn Boy song on UNKLE is rocking. It is one of my favourite songs. I like hard edged music and he just brings that kind of intensity to any song we do.”