The recordings are from the band's last ever shows...

RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE‘s former guitarist TOM MORELLO has revealed that a live album recorded at the band’s last shows will soon be released.

The star, now in Audioslave, said the recordings, which were made in 2000, have been ready for release for some time.

He said: “Yes, it will definitely be released at some point. We initially recorded the live album and we were going to do a couple of bonus tracks but those couple of bonus tracks ended up becoming the ‘Renegades’ album. That record is in the can.”

Morello revealed the disbanding of Rage Against The Machine worked out well for the whole band.

He said: “I am very thankful for having played with Zack (de la Rocha, the band’s singer). His departure clearly turned out to be a blessing in disguise. He gets to go on and make the music he wants to make at a pace he wants to make it at. We couldn’t be happier playing with Chris Cornelland touring the world rocking with Audioslave,” he told Undercover News.

No release date for the new record has been officially confirmed as yet.

Audioslave will be playing the Lollapalooza festival in July. Before that, they play the Download Festival in the UK over the weekend of May 31/June 1.

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