Rage Against The Machine lay out innovative anti-scalping plans for their upcoming tour dates

The band are battling touts and raising money for charity all at once

With Rage Against The Machine currently gearing up for their first  shows since 2011, the band have now outlined how they plan to battle ticket touts trying to profit from the tour.

In a post on Instagram, the band said that “since the announcement of our tour, scalpers and broker sites have been listing fake tickets for RATM. We want to do everything we can to protect our fans from predatory scalping and, at the same time, raise a substantial amount of money for charities and activist organisations we support in each city.”


The band say that up to 50% of gig tickets are being bought and resold by scalpers, and that in response they are doing “everything we can” to protect 90% of the tickets from them.

In addition, the band themselves will be holding 10% of the tickets for every show in reserve and selling them at a price that is higher than normal “but low enough to undercut the scalpers.”

They will then donate 100% of the money made from the sales to charities and activist organisations in each city they play.

“We are confident this will help many more fans get tickets at face value and put a big dent in the aftermarket gouging,” the band continue. “WE HATE SCALPING AS MUCH AS YOU DO and will continue to find ways to combat it.”

In addition, the band announced that they will be donating all the profits from their first three reunion shows to immigrants rights organizations throughout the tour.”


Rage announced their comeback last November, with the first run of dates revealed to take place along US border towns in between two shows at Coachella.

Earlier this week, Rage Against The Machine were revealed as headliners for this year’s Reading and Leeds festivals. The move did not please everyone, however, with some fans confused about why they’re taking top spot.