Rage Against The Machine are reissuing their entire back catalogue on vinyl

Including remastered versions of their 1992 self-titled debut and their 2003 live album, 'Live at the Grand Olympic Auditorium'

Rage Against The Machine are reissuing their entire back catalogue on vinyl.

The pioneering four-piece – who are currently inactive having last played together in 2011 – have taken the bold step of ordering the reissues, which span from their 1992 self-titled debut to their 2003 live album ‘Live at the Grand Olympic Auditorium’.

Set to be released on September 28, pre-order on the new, remastered editions of the five albums is now underway on the band’s official site – check out the full list of RATM records being reissued below.

  • ‘Rage Against the Machine ‘(1992)
  • ‘Evil Empire’ (1996)
  • ‘The Battle of Los Angeles’ (1999)
  • ‘Renegades’ (2000)
  • ‘Live at the Grand Olympic Auditorium’ (2003)

Each record is retailing at £16.99, while there are also bundle options available.

The news of the reissues has been nicely timed to go with the forthcoming release of Rage guitarist Tom Morello‘s new solo album, ‘The Atlas Underground’.

Morello will play at London’s Bush Hall on Monday (September 24) for a one-off UK show to promote his new record, which is due out next month on October 12.

Back in July, Morello reflected on Rage’s 2000 split in an interview – while also offering an explanation for why the band decided not to record a new album upon reuniting in 2007.


“I’ll put myself first and foremost. It was a lack of emotional maturity in being able to deal with each other as people,” Morello said about the 2000 split.

“We had political vision and the shows never suffered, but we just couldn’t agree on stuff and that unearthed feelings that made it hard to make records.”